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3 years ago
Think about this. There are 7 billion people on earth, lets assume half are men. So 3.5billion men. This video has 300 million views. So the chances are, about 1 in every 10 men you see walking down the street has seen this video. Considering its one porn video on one site, that's pretty damn impressive.
xx1v1snipersonly_lzzzxx 3 years ago
do anyone kno how to beat doomsday heist in gta? stuck on act three
3 years ago
Y’all here for the porn while I’m here for the comments.
Barrack Obama 3 years ago
Damn, I can't wait to show Michelle this one.
Ooof 3 years ago
In the middle of the vid I wondered why I didn‘t hear anything... Turns out my parents downstairs turned on the speakers and my phone automatically connected to them.
Rest in peace to myself
Jodi West copy 5 years ago
They pretty much copied the Jodi West video.
jodi west 5 years ago
good to see all these freak ass bitches taking jodi wests ideas.
good guy 2 years ago
any girl wanne be my girlfriend ?
It doesn't means that I'm bad because I watch porn, I'm 18, almost 19.
Definitely copied jodi 5 years ago
The jodi west stepmom was so classic they had to
Lame 5 years ago
Not sure what was worse, the fucking or his damn fruit of the looms