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Hardfuck34 8 years ago
Haha. Well of course it's acting. But even if it's not he did what he was supposed to do. Use her the way he wanted. If it felt that good of course he should cum inside her. When a man fucks a pussy it doesn't belong to her anymore. It's to the man that's plowing her. Bravo!
hts 9 years ago
I'll cum in a girls pussy whether she likes it or not. That's right. If a girl tells me not to cum in her, I'll do it anyway.
big cock 5 years ago
I bought an escort/callgirl and I accidently came in her. She got mad lol
titman 8 years ago
i'd cum in her pussy and get her pregnant!
Sammo 8 years ago
I agree dude there is NO chance I'd be pulling out of that once my load was tingling. That piece of ass would be MINE and if she gets knocked up, her fucking problem! So many dumb waste of space, airhead bimbos out there that this is ALL they are good for
Aww<3 7 years ago
And their beautiful family began
dude 8 years ago
another pregnant teen slut
babymaker 8 years ago
I want to cum inside and impregnate her
Str8horny 6 years ago
I'd be dropping loads in all her holes all day long
Penis Pete 7 years ago
LOVE that worried look on her face. Oh yes, you are going to get a cunt full of cum my dear. Feel free to scoop it out with your fingers; just get the fuck out of my apartment within the next ten minutes. I've got work in the morning and don't have time for your 'I'd like if we cuddled more' bullshit...